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Andy Warhol portrait orange_edited_edite
Vicnent Van Gogh portrait_edited.jpg
Jackson Pollock portrait centered_edited

Russ Hellmann is the chief creator of smashup studios where paints fly and images pop. His visual style of smashup art
has caught the eye of many around the world and has been described as bold, vibrant and an explosion of urban color. 

Smashup art is the mash up of styles, techniques and designs inspired by legendary mastermind artists to create a more vibrant visual art. It combines layers of b/w photography,
screen printing, blended spray paint, acrylic splatter paint, dry brush and even industrial textiles to create innovative mixed-media original designs. 


If Andy Warhol met Vincent Van Gogh and did shots with Jackson Pollock, this would be the essence of #smashupart 


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